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Litestep Module List

If you are looking for a module, new or old, then you've stumbled upon a masterpiece: THE Module List. Eventually, each module will have a general description (like Modulo) and an SS if applicable. If there is more than one version/build of a module, it is displayed in a sub-list with the newest build listed first.

Note: any module that is a "core module" (ie. it comes with a Litestep build) will not be posted here. You can find a core module by simply downloading a litestep build from lsdev@shellfront or from the Litestep Installer.

List of core modules (for .24.6/indiestep and later):
command.dll, desktop2.dll, hotkey.dll, lstime2.dll, popup2.dll, shortcut2.dll, shortcut3.dll, systray2.dll, sysvwm.dll, taskbar.dll, vwm2.dll, wharf.dll. (Don't ever load bangmgr.dll, dllmgr.dll, hook.dll, hookmgr.dll, lsapi.dll, msgmgr.dll, tray.dll, or winlist.dll. Litestep loads these automatically.)
The above "core modules" have now been released separately and are labeled "core module" in this list. The source is also available and developers are encouraged to update and release newer versions of the old core modules.

If you're looking for descriptions and other detailed information, see Loose Screws.

Please let me (rootrider) know if you find any broken links (404's).

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(last updated 2003.12.05)

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